Download your free PDF file of the chevrolet tahoe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. 1. Chevrolet Classic Owner Manual M Keep this manual in the vehicle so it will be there if it Many people read the owner manual from beginning to. View and Download Chevrolet Tahoe owner’s manual online. Tahoe Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: Suburban

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Page 39 What manal wrong with this? If more than one CD has been loaded, a number for each CD will appear on the display. When choosing a child restraint, be sure the child restraint is designed to be used in a vehicle.

Have it inspected and repaired. If you need to secure a forward-facing child restraint in the right front seat, always move the front passenger seat as far back as it will go. Section 6 Maintenance Schedule Where Are the Airbags? The guide must be on top of the belt. It is the number one contributor to xhevy highway death toll, claiming thousands of victims every year. Ignition Positions Ignition Positions Use the key to turn the ignition switch to four different positions.

Features And Controls Section 2 Keys Tar and Road Removes tar, road oil, Oil Remover and asphalt. If there is more than one message that needs to be displayed, they will appear one after another. Exit Lighting With exit lighting, the interior lamps will come on when you remove the key manal the ignition. See Power Seats on page or Manual Seats on page Power Winches If you wish to use a power winch on your vehicle, only use it when your vehicle is stationary or anchored.


The harness system holds the infant in place and, in a crash, acts to keep the infant positioned in the restraint. All doors unlock when the key is removed from the ignition.

Keep the cruise control switch off until you want to use cruise control. Luggage Carrier If you have the luggage carrier, you can load things on top of your vehicle. This is normal and helps to prevent fogging.


Turn the left knob clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the fan speed. Power Windows Power Windows If you have power windows, the controls are located on each of the side doors.

Doors And Locks Resynchronization Resynchronization may be necessary due to the security method used chev this system. Enter the rear cargo area of the vehicle. Fold the seatback forward onto the seat cushion by using the lever labeled 1.

When a CD is inserted, the CD symbol will appear on the display. Stay away from the engine if you see or hear steam coming from it. To operate the automatic dimming mirror, do the following: The language in the Check the audio or audio or on the screen language selection in the When you start your engine and begin to drive away, your anti-lock brake system will check itself.

If the message is still displayed or appears again when you begin driving, the ride control needs service. Static electricity discharge from the container can ignite the gasoline vapor.


It contains the gas carbon monoxide COwhich you cannot see or smell. To signal a turn, move the lever all the way up or down. See Outlet Adjustment on page Customer Assistance Offices Chevrolet encourages customers to call the toll-free number for assistance. Air pressure is expressed in pounds per square inch psi or kiloPascal kPa. Sometimes, however, despite the best intentions of all concerned, misunderstandings can occur.

Wheel Blocks Suburban A. All of the customizable options listed may not be available on your vehicle. Leaving children in a vehicle with the ignition key is dangerous for many reasons.

Chevrolet 2005 Tahoe Owner’s Manual

A metal support for a tire and upon which the tire beads are seated. When you reinstall the regular wheel and tire, you must also reinstall the either the center cap, or bolt-on hub cap, depending on what your vehicle is equipped with.

Athoe the wheel wrench H and the two jack handle extensions I as shown. If you ever have questions about your tire warranty and where to obtain service, see your GM Warranty booklet for details. The power door locks 0205 operate at any time even when the ignition is off. Section 3 Voltmeter Gage Based on driving conditions, the mileage at which an oil change will be indicated can vary considerably.

A crash can damage the restraint systems in your vehicle.