4L80E. Uploaded by Jesús Guerrero. FAMOUS GM TRANSMISSION 4L80E, ENJOY IT!. Copyright: © All · Prueba Lírica. ldw · atg tape refill 1/4 · 2hw5n · rnr-b · clabb · biunvhp-b · bfkv18ts · sdve 9mm accessories · motorola sbv · 5a · au65wp20 · orizon. what cross members fit? what drive shaft yoke? part #? HERES SOME INFO ON THE 4L80E

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Thu Nov 2 I actually had the truck fixed when I initially replaced the computer but since I had made that diagnosis based on the temp reading and still saw the same reading with the OTC scanner, I never drove the truck but instead spent more ayg looking for a cause. A knock sensor code will cause high line pressure on a 4L80E.

I need more 4L80E info! – Chevelle Tech

That crack on the piston is big but very easy to miss. Item Location see all Item Location.

Just slowed it down a bit. It really screwed me up. I also had to rebuild it because we smoked the the forward clutch. Did you replace the reverse boost valve. I also tried to stall the engine while not moving by commanding Lockup, it would stall but if I raised the RPM to it would not stall.


If so, it needs the rubber “D” rings. Terry Bradley – bradleytrannyman aol. Instructed customer to replace battery and battery cable. Checked servo it seems OK. Thanks, Al Andani – aandani dccnet.

I cured the lip seal problem by using the later model molded piston. Nick Nick Parrino – ptruthfound cs. The vehicle is a 6. The Trango has you ream the bore and install an oversized valve the rubs the vb as before.

Seems these units don’t like to idle for extended periods of time, 4l880e allows fluid to atf through the b solenoid and it wears out the check ball and sealing qtg inside the solenoid. If your units cup plug does not have a hole in the center or it is plugged then you will have any lube to the extention housing bushing. Dale Dale Snyder – dalesnip hotmail. I’m assuming you are getting a 22? Wed Sep 27 Truck has a lot of miles but owner takes cared of it,and this is not the first trans GM Reman unit to be in this truck but I don’t think it’s relevent to my problem.

The vehicle still bumps when you come to a stop and go to take off again. See if it is jumping. The scanner is saying no in or out RPM,still.

Al Andani – aandani dccnet. Still was starting in second. I stg put the guage on it, pressures seem to be within range. As for the line PSI increasing in 4th and not in 3rd, I don’t know.


Hello, world!

Good luck Paul Moore nb chartertn. I replaced the sensors because one of the terminals was messed up on the atgg sensor, and the harness pulled apart. If I was to guess, this unit had a worn PR boost valve and was opperated at high line long enough to wear the pump body.

None, cutomer just bought it from an auction Work Completed: No Movement Original Codes Present: Serge Martin – smartin matechbta. CLean the Valve and bore and put back in. It does NOT do it on all vehicles but it does on some. Maybe a 4l80s glitch?

Too much weight for a small band with no pressure holding it on. I’ve cleared the code from the computor but it comes back so somthing is up there and I’ll let the customer deal with that one. I have some images online at the TRNi site that may make this more clear. I talked to GM.