Buy Jejak Ibnu Battuta in Petaling Jaya,Malaysia. Loaded with never-before- seen images, this book is a guide to the epic battle between the Autobots and. Walau bagaimanapun beliau tersohor sebagai penjelajah dan pengembara dan menulis Ibn Battuta dilahirkan di Tangier, Maghribi, pada 24 Februari era . Pada awal an bukunya diterbitkan dalam Bahasa Jerman dan Inggeris. Pengembaraan Ibn Battuta Musafir Islam. Price: MYR 0 reviews | Write a review. ISBN: Availability: Book Details Author/Editor.

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Sila bantu untuk memperbaiki rencana ini dengan memperkenalkan petikan yang lebih tepat. Buku itu juga merupakan sebuah catatan perjalanan yang dramatis. He was sad to be in the middle of people being greeted by loved ones while he was alone for the first time.

On his return from Mali and the Niger, Ibn Battuta was celebrated and the ruler of Morocco insisted that he must write an account of his travels for posterity.

Michael Bond – the man behind Paddington Bear “All the same Setelah 4 hari berada di bandar, beliau meneruskan perjalanan menuju ke Mekah.

Unlike Marco, he tended to travel first-class — more often than not as an honoured guest and counsellor to the various rulers, mostly Muslim, he met along the way.

You are recommended to read Jared Diamond’s excellent work on this topic, “Guns, Germs and Steel” to realize the depth of the impact of contagious disease and globalization on World History. A must read for any traveller.


Aug 01, Wulan Wuri rated it really liked it. The Adventures of Ibn Battuta is an extremely interesting book, and I recommend it highly to any In the young Morrocan Ibn Battuta left his home to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. Despite his inconsistencies and contradictions, his tales are remarkable and revealing of his own culture, as well as that of other countries during the middle ages. Finally he left the islands and was able to continue his mission to China, sailing to Sumatra, Singapore and finally arriving in the great Chinese port of Quanzhou.

Pengembaraan Ibn Battuta Musafir Islam

Promotions Special Offers Monthly Pengembsraan. He traveled from country to country, rebuking people in other cultures for the order in which they performed their bath ritual, washing hands, head, and feet in a different order. Both had to dictate from memory alone.

Ibn Battuta travelled around the civilized world of his day. Hikaoru is currently reading it Jul 20, I was enchanted by the description of an era of peace and prosperity whereby a young man full of education and not sure that he wants to ‘settle down’ yet — my, how nothing much changes under the sun!

I think it is difficult to understand this book if you battufa Muslim.

Books by Ibn Battuta. What a liberating thing it is to know that long ago and far away, the world ran on such familiar principles.

Material taken from tabaqat on ibn Battuta and presented here is interesting anyway, that he wasn’t a brilliantly well educated or skilled legal scholar. Nique is currently reading it May 18, Such a double read would be the mother of magic carpet rides.


This is just the way the world was – Muslim or not. Jejak Ibnu Battuta by Ross E. And if Ibn Battuta lied about his travels as much as Marco Polo did, then I wanted some more explanation for that, and maybe a comparison to the works of the people who didn’t lie, even if just for context. India is also under Muslim rule, and the spice trade in south India in Kerala.

In each, he gives a picture of the times in that particular place, what Ibn Battuta said he saw and what he must have seen or experienced but didn’t mention. In addition, having read the last chapter and the introduction, I’m even mildly fascinated by Ibn Battuta himself. It’s most accurate to call it an abridgement of the travels with commentary, with context about the medieval world of the time.

Ibn Battuta

The circumstances of his composition of the “Rihla,” his record of his travels thus proved to be remarkably similar to that of Marco Polo, albeit luckily without the imprisonment. Diambil daripada ” https: Ibn Battuta bergantung kepada khabar angin dan pengembara dahulu. The embassy to China was ill fated, however, as the travellers were attacked by bandits and pirates and ships were sunk in storms. Best best best berbintang-bintang lah best.

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