Russell’s Periodontal Indfex & CPITN Probe Seminar For Public Health Dentistry. A periodontal examination is a clinical examination of the periodontium (gums). It is routinely carried out in dentistry and allied specialties. Many different techniques are used around the world. A report by World Health Organization in led to the creation of the Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN). Use of a special CPITN periodontal probe (or its equivalent) is recommended. For epidemiological purposes in adult populations, 10 specified index teeth are.

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Instruments for periodontitis screening are commonly applied to populations in epidemiological studies of oral health. On the other hand the highest specificity values were observed for the mild cutoff for both versions of the instrument.

The use of screening instruments for periodontitis is not questioned, although the adequacy of the instruments should be considered more carefully. At least 2 teeth must be present in a sextant for it to be indx. Retrieved from ” https: Int J Epidemiol ; 24 Suppl 1: Apud J Dent Res ; Another colored band at 8.


When the operational characteristics of inddx CPITN were evaluated according to different cutoff points of disease severity, the best balance between sensitivity and specificity appeared in the moderate category Figures 2 and 3.

Bacterial profiles of subgingival plaque in periodontitis. Results indicated sensitivity Nevertheless, the instrument’s diagnostic criteria were basically unaffected indwx the modifications. We conducted a cross-sectional face-to-face interview survey in of adults aged years using a stratified, multistage sampling method.

Comparing two methods of clinical measurement: There was no significant difference between males and females in periodontal health. Oral hygiene instruction, remove plaque retentive factors e.

Braz Dent J ; Advances in periodontal diagnosis.

Periodontal examination – Wikipedia

As a conclusion, both total and partial CPITN failed to reflect the real periodontal status of the sample. It has also been reported that cpitj some situations periodontal screening instruments may overestimate disease 6,8,14,15,16,17,18, The information was used to assess the individuals’ periodontal health, and diagnosis based on these data resulted in the gold standard.

Stratification by age groups, disease severity, and gender was conducted. Correlation of the hydrolysis of benzoyl-arginine naphthylamide BANA by plaque with clinical parameters and subgingival levels of spirochetes in periodontal patients. The advantages of the CPITN procedure have become more evident following 7 years of development and field experience.


Benzoyl-DL-arginine napthylamide BANA test is a chair side diagnostic test used to cpirn the presence of putative periodontal pathogens. Indian J Dent Res ; The use of probing depth as the clinical parameter for diagnosis in some studies may account for some of the variability. Comparison of various detection methods for periodontopathogenic bacteria: Conventional therapy Debridement Scaling and root planing Full mouth disinfection Full mouth ultrasonic debridement.

Full mouth examinations were performed from January to March Community periodontal index of treatment needs, benzoyl-DL-arginine napthylamide, chronic periodontitis, putative periodontal pathogens.

Periodontal examination

This apparently reasonable performance leaves room for an even higher rate of false-negative results reflected by the low specificity of the test indec Most Popular By Country. This assumption is based on the largest area under the ROC curves. All these methods use the WHO probe.

Stomatol DDR ;