Texas County, and VISA codes to use in completing the following items . Degree Code – Filename: tmcxref Distribution Date: 02/15/ Contact us at Degree Audit/ Advising Alumni/Career Placement Admissions Registrar/ Student codes for common values, such as name and address values, or degree codes. Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Virgin Islands.

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Unlike macros, an institution cannot add includes to CX since the institution cannot change the C code in C programs.

Policy Decision Determining which includes to degreeecodes in CX is a policy decision that your institution must make. You must modify a corresponding macro value and then reinstall the include. The institution maintains the custom macro files using the make processor.

CX System Reference Technical Manual |

The minimum test defaults to zero. It identifies the communication to be sent or received. The real issue is whether or not your institution plans to use relationship records.

To ensure data entry consistency, a user can access the Admissuons table entries in table lookup fields. The table should contain all the handicaps that your institution plans to use. If you use the GROUP keyword, the user list segree also support the specification of all users within a group.

Typically, all offices on a campus should be added. Permissions Idaudit does not attempt regitrar delete any records unless you specify the -p purge or -u delete options. You can use a macro to make a change in one location; then, use the make processor to incorporate that change throughout the entire CX product.


All make processes include the tconfigmac. The system implements audit trails using table level triggers. Macros System Reference Benefits of Jenzabar CX Macros Introduction Use macros within source files for menu options, screens, and reports to reduce the need for editing source files when you make changes to such items as defaulted values, included sets of values, or report headings.

For example, every product has access to the State table for valid abbreviations of states. This code identifies the type of communication this contact is. A code specifying a country. Changing a macro is simpler than locating all of the source files using a particular string of text and then ensuring that all of the text strings are modified. Each extent is a block of physically contiguous pages in the dbspace.

Using test data at CARS, a test value greater than 40 is a good indication that enough data was available. A return value of zero is totally non-matching. The IPEDS GRS program enrollment update options uses this value to determine the highest degree earned by a student who has completed more than one degree.

Primary Association The Primary Association code of the facility being evaluated. Dbmake drops and rebuilds triggers during every schema build regardless of whether or not the check constraint has changed. It is used in web applications to provide the user more information about the restriction.


While it is possible to add codes to the table, you must be careful because reports and macros may have to be modified to accommodate the additions. Confidence Lists the minimum asmissions value you want listed for the Matched Records.

Leave blank for immediate mode. The system records changes in a special audit table created for each schema that has auditing specified.

This value is normalized and ranges from zero degreee one hundred. You can also use macros to create a comment that appears on the comment line throughout an application with the same wording each time.

CX System Reference Technical Manual

Confidence The confidence degrree how closely the two records in the interactive mode or the review mode match. For more information on an ID with this message you can run idaudit with the -i option. Entry order of options is important when you use -d in conjunction -p.