Piruwana Poth Wahanse [Sinhala – By Ven. Kiribathgoda Gananda Thero ] Dhammachakkappawathwana Suthra [Pali/Sinhala Script ] Maha Mangala Suthra. Ratana Sutta. The Discourse On Jewels. Y±n²dha bh³t±ni sam±gat±ni. Whatsoever beings are here assembled. Bhumm±ni v± y±ni va antalikkhe. Whether. The Ratana Sutta Seminar. Held at Padmaloka, May Taken from Saddhatissa and an unidentified translation of the Sutta Nipata. Also used: Lord.

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Rayana rather excited the interest of some, Christian theologians, because, usually it had been thought, that Christ’s saving, or sacrificial death, saved beings on the earth, but after all Christian theologians hadn’t bothered about beings in other worlds because, traditionally Christianity doesn’t have any such conception.

The biggest online Buddhist library in the world! Their old seeds destroyed with no more growing.

I mean, the Buddha himself sent out his first enlightened disciples to teach the Dharma, to make clear the Dharma for the good and the welfare of many beings. Show kindness to those humans who, by day and by night, offer much merit to you. It was originally taught to the Venerable Ananda as a protective recitation when there were several disasters happening sinhsla the city of Rajagaha. Though ratwna might do some evil deed by body, speech or mind, he cannot hide it; such is impossible for one who ratana suthraya sinhala seen the Dhamma.

Damma 2 | බෞද්ධ තොරතුරු සංචිතය

Search Options Audio Text Display 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 search results per page Display full part no talk summaries in audio search results See tips for advanced text search. Valuable discussion about the reality of life 1 [Sinhala].


I am thrilled and honoured to be a part of the FBA team. Kraneeya Meththa Suthra [Sinhala Meaning ]. That is Saddhatissa’s translation. You ray or may not accept the existence of devas as described in the Buddhist Scriptures but there’s no doubt that if there are any such beings, of if there are any beings in distant worlds, in other universes, who are sentient and conscious then rwtana Buddha’s teaching is applicable to them as well.

That at the very beginning of the sutta, the compiler addresses or invokes all rahana beings of heaven and earth – so what does this sihnala, what does that convey? And I should perhaps mention that we are going through this text by, so to speak, special request of Lokamitra, because this is a very popular text in t e Buddhist East.

August 12th, 0 Comments. They are enlightened sentient Pay attention all you beings. As a stone post ratana suthraya sinhala grounded in the earth, cannot be shaken by the four winds, so is the superior person, I say, who clearly sees the Noble Truths.

In my own translation I say “May they be happy -minded, everyone”. In the Buddha is this precious jewel. I think most of you know that the Sutta Nipata contains some of the most ancient material, in the whole of the Pali Canon. May there be ratana suthraya sinhala Their old seeds destroyed with no more growing.


Download this text in a sample of the Paritta Chanting Book. Though he might do some evil deed by body, speech or mind, he cannot hide it; such is impossible for one who has seen the Dhamma.

Its attention is centred entirely upon this earth. They are asked to be happy minded, which is an expression of good will towards them, and they are asked to listen. That sentient existence isn’t confined to what we can see with our ordinary eyes in sinhalq form of human beings, animals and so on.

Ratana Sutta

Ah yes, he calls upon them to sutra happy, yes be Suman happy rather than rejoice. Those who comprehend the Noble Truths, well taught by the Buddha of deep wisdom, no matter how negligent, would not take an eighth existence. Some of you may remember it. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Notify me of new posts via email. What is a God according to Buddhism?

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to know FBA is benefiting so many people around the world. So quite a ratanq of them would like to be able to understand it more fully and more deeply.